The shadow merges with its body.

Klinamen is the first innovation concept of the western philosophy introduced by Epicuro around 2300 years ago. Klinamen trademark is registered internationally and signs projects in architectural and communication fields. Klinamen is a Strategic Architecture company composed by architects, marketers and financial analysts.

We consult constructors and developers of large real estate complexes supporting them with a specific business model called Strategic Design.
Strategic Design approaches the project with an holistic team considering the real estate life cycle as a circular and non-hierarchical process: architecture, finance and communication in the same time.

Based on this vision we work on the product solely striking its capacity to produce profit.


The body and its perception.

Our mission is to conceive, design, communicate and manage the tangible and intangible aspect of a real estate product as a sole entity thus focusing on increasing the economical performances pointed out by our clients.

Though design, functionality and technical aspects of a product is the essence, its perception and the whole intangible asset is considered by economists to hold the most important economic value.

We have a revolutionary approach:
Our Mission is Profit
Our trust is to think Intangible
Our business model is Strategic Design Our tool is Brand Bim


The thought becomes concrete.

To increase the financial key index factors of real estate tangible and intangible assets.

We conceptualize, design, realize, communicate and sell the new real estate product in compliance with the parameters agreed with our clients.

We keep the construction costs of the product
We maintain the timing of product realization
We keep the technical managerial teamwork of the client
We determine a better tangible value of the product
We determine a better intangible value of the product
We improve the brand positioning of the real estate developer
We improve the brand reputation
We improve the technical managerial procedures


The light radiates.

The quality and technical features of a product are the essence.

On the other side conceiving, designing and communicating creative, emotional and social values in coherence with the tangible asset, is the way to compete in today’s market.

The technically defined intangible asset of a company is considered by financial analysts as the most important value.

Our know-how consists in the ability to design and implement this asset in coherence with tangible aspects.


The technique becomes elegance.

Strategic design, marketing luxury strategies, and Brand Bim applied to the real estate product are the theoretical and technical basis used by our team. This approach originates from 20 years of experience spent in the eld of real estate management, development, luxury, fashion, and art.

The strategic design business model, adopted by many prominent luxury brands, consists of intergrading the technical, marketing and financial fields since the early phases of conception and design of the real estate product.

Brand Building Information Modelling is the revolutionary and unique engineering platform developed by our brand engineers.

It integrates marketing and its qualitative performance indexes to the real estate life cycle. It guides our professionals in designing and realizing the tangible and intangible aspects of our projects focusing on the KPI of the development.


A flexible asset made up of tradition.

Klinamen Kloud is one of the operative strategic architecture branches of Alda Fendi Foundation and has a stable partnership with two of the best academic engineering school in Italy.

The company has an operating division named Klinamen Lab composed by different professional skills that span the product cycle in its integrity.