Daniele Militello

2000 - 2024
Executive Producer Alda Fendi Foundation
2022 - 2024
Founder and Creative Director of Art District Lab Philanthropies, Washington-Rome
2000 - 2024
Creative Director Klinamen, KlinamenX
2019 - 2020
Creative Director One United Properties group - Bucharest - Romania
2017 - Present
FLEXIBILIZE Creative director.
Special advisor UNICEF ITALIA - Italian National Committee Unicef.
2002 - 2016
Heritage Real Estate Enhancement Manager:
2002 - 2016
International Real Estate Asset Manager

Daniele Militello

Daniele Militello is the Creative Director of Klinamen

Daniele is part of the Fendi family.

He has an academic, scientific and humanistic background, focusing his interest in the creative industry: its products, its processes, the creation and structuring of the tangible and intangible asset of the product and of the creative company.

The thirty-year experience gained in the family and in the Alda Fendi Foundation, an avant-garde organization internationally recognized for the contamination between art, theater, architecture and entertainment, is fundamental for his training.

In the first years of his professional career he held the role of Executive Producer of Alda Fendi Foundation, specializing his skills in the creation of the product, in the management and in the execution of both technical and creative processes linked to the specific areas of strategic and operational marketing. In this phase of his curriculum he develops specific skills in team management and project management of creative processes.

Over the years he developed his skills as Creative Director, i.e. as the first person responsible for the technical, creative and marketing area of a company. He refined specific abilities on the development of business models by developing the creation and structuring of a company’s tangible and intangible assets and becoming an expert in the application of a specific creative business model called strategic design.

He develops, through the elaboration and theorization of strategic design, qualitative and quantitative approaches to corporate performance.

The application of this business model is considered essential to the implementation of any company branding process.

Over the years as creative director at the head of various organizations he has dealt with architecture, fashion, design and entertainment.

Passionate about architecture, design, theater, art, archaeology, luxury and design thinking, in 2023 he created a Foundation under american law called Art District Lab Philanthropies (ADLP).

Adlp, revisiting the UN 2030 agenda on the sustainability of the planet, theorizes and supports the special role of beauty, education and technology in metropolitan innovation processes. Due to its innovative characteristics, the ADLP program was adopted by the European and Central Asia Regional Directorate of Unicef, in coordination with Unicef ​​Italy and Unicef ​​Turkey.


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