Daniele Militello

2019 - Present
Creative Director One United Properties group - Bucharest - Romania
2018 - Present
Executive Director UIM Asia Paci c Headquarters, UIM Asia Paci c Administrative Council. www.xcatchina.com
2017 - Present
FLEXIBILIZE Creative director.
Special advisor UNICEF ITALIA - Italian National Committee Unicef.
2011 - 2016
Founder and Creative Director of Klinamen.
2011 - 2012
Venice Biennale, the Biennale d’Arte, the Italian Pavilion. Strategic Advisor to the recovery and development of real estate sites of particular historical and artistic value. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture has made the discovery of the eastern apse of the Basilica Ulpia and its integration in a property of the Roman Baroque. Archaeological discovery recognized as the most important of the last 60 years in Rome, Foro Traiano1, Italia.
2010 - Present
Project Manager and strategic manager for the recovery and redevelopment of the archaeological area of the Forum Boarium. Project manager and strategic manager of Alda Fendi Palace, building owned by Agrippina srl, Via the Velabrum, Rome. Multifunctional building develo- ped with Fendi and the architect Jean Nouvel. Project in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
2007 - 2010
Creative Director for the recovery and development of properties located along the walls of the Castle of Murlo, 1200 AD, Siena.
2008 - 2009
Venice Biennale, the Biennale Teatro Laboratorio Mediterraneo.
2007 - 2008
Rome Film Festival.
2002 - 2016
Heritage Real Estate Enhancement Manager:
2002 - 2016
International Real Estate Manager Assets.
2002 - 2016
Festival di Quaresima , Festival of performance in Rome by Alda Fendi Foundation.
1996 - Present
Executive Producer and Project Manager of Alda Fendi Foundation, contemporary art foundation.