The designers without frontiers Lanzavecchia + Wai, unveil a collection proudly made in Singapore that with lightness brings into focus linguistic originality and entrepreneurial spirit in Southeast Asia.

In the collective imaginary, Southeast Asia is a place with a wealth of culture and crafts, often hastily relegated only to the aesthetic and ethnic style from Singapore. A design story with a playful and light approach, Playplay interprets the dynamism of the entrepreneurial, social, and aesthetic spirit of Southeast Asia. Playplay is the name of a “brave, bold, and flavorful” furniture collection, as its authors, the duo Lazavecchia + Wai, like to say, “marking the passage from distributor to producer of Journey East”. For twenty years, Wai has also been a dealer and select shop of vintage furniture and recycled wood, with stores in Singapore and Indonesia.

“The DNA of Journey East is light and playful, like the productive context of Indonesia where the collection was born” says Francesca Lanzavecchia, “and from the start we were involved in defining a new vocabulary for the brand, looking for materials, forms and colors, that would forcefully assert the essence of ‘proudly made in Southeast Asia’, and would respond to the tastes of young new homeowners in Singapore”.

All the elements of Playplay are designed with a visual or functional twist: the Accordion Cabinet when observed from different vantage points, reveals different chromatic and material aspects, Bazzar comes from the combination of a desk and a bookcase, PONG is a ping pong dining table, and the coffee tables Hamburg are ready for use as trays, doubling their surfaces when guests arrive. The main material is an Indonesian mahogany, where the warm color of this native wood is combined with the hues of local spices, fruits, and fabrics.

“The seriously playful approach is part of the studio’s design signature; for us, play is fundamental, taking us into the dimension of lightness says Lazzavecchia.

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